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Italian Verbs: Verb AVERE and Useful Expressions in Italian

In today's article, I will list some extremely useful expressions with the verb avere. Don't forget to watch my YouTube video on this topic for the full explanation!

You probably already know that the verb avere means to have in English. However, there are many idiomatic expressions that use avere, and they are extremely common, so you want to make sure you know them and start using them in your daily Italian conversations.

I will list them below with their English translation, however, if you want the full explanation and useful example sentences, don't forget to watch my YouTube video related to this topic!

  • Avere fameto be hungry

  • Avere seteto be thristy

  • Avere frettato be in a hurry

  • Avere voglia dito want, to feel like

  • Avere sonnoto be sleepy

  • Avere paura dito be scared of

  • Avere bisogno dito need

  • Avere caldoto be hot

  • Avere freddoto be cold

A presto!

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