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The Teacher Stefano Show

Your favorite podcast to learn Italian

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Episodes for every level


If you want to improve your pronunciation and learn a lot of new words and expressions at the same time, these episodes are perfect for you. In this kind of episodes I will teach you some expressions on a specific topic and you will have time to repeat after me every time you hear a sound. Be sure to repeat out loud, it's very important! These episodes are suitable beginner and intermediate students.

Are you ready to put your listening and comprehension skills to the test? With the episodes in this category, you will listen to paragraphs or dialogues read by native Italian speakers and then you will have to answer (right in the podcast) to some questions. Then I will read the paragraph again to you, explain some of the more difficult words and expressions, and we will together look at the correct answers to the questions. For these episodes you need to have at least a basic knowledge of Italian (level A2).


If you want to learn new things about Italian culture and life in Italy and at the same time test your listening skills, these episodes are perfect for you! Here I speak without a "script" so the language may be a little more complex but also very natural. These episodes are perfect if you have an intermediate level.

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