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Online School


by Teacher Stefano

Welcome to my Online School, the best place to start learning and improve your Italian. I can't wait to see you in class! Vuoi leggere questa pagina in italiano? Cambia lingua in cima alla pagina!

Be Italiano

Be Italiano is the most comprehensive Italian course you’ll find online. It’s a 6-month program divided into 20 units and over 100 lessons filled with grammar video lessons, listening tasks, quizzes, culture videos, and much more.


Be Italiano will teach you Italian starting from zero and make your Italian dream come true.

Screenshot taken from my Online Course Be Italiano. This lesson is about Italian Courtesy Phrases!

Conversation Club

If you want to improve your conversation skills but also want to meet other students like you, join my conversation club! We'll meet once a week, discuss interesting topics, exchange opinions and I will personally help you improve your Italian skills. You will also get access to my private WhatsApp Group to feel closer to Italy as you never have before.

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The Conversation Club is for intermediate/advanced students only.

Coming soon!

Private Classes

Online 1-on-1 lessons are the best way to improve your Italian whether you are a beginner or advanced student. I have been working as an Online Italian teacher for 5 years and I have worked with students of all levels coming from all over the world. Choose private lessons if you want to get personalized help to learn my beautiful language and take your Italian to the next level.


Are you already a student of mine?


sono Stefano

Ciao! My name is Stefano and I have been an online Italian teacher for 5 years helping hundreds of students become fluent in Italian and making their Italian dream come true. I’ve also started an Instagram and Facebook page (@teacherstefano) to share tips and videos about learning Italian and understanding Italian culture. One year ago, I started creating my online course to help as many students as possible learn Italian following a structured curriculum and providing the best learning experience possible. I spent one year in the United States when I was 16 for an exchange program, and because of this, I don't just understand the struggles of learning a new language but also the most effective methods.