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Learn the real and authentic Italian we speak in Italy!

❌ Do you understand but can't speak the way you would like to?
❌ Do you want to be more natural when you speak?

❌ You can't understand some grammar topics that everyone gets wrong?

❌ Do you want to feel more part of Italian culture?

❌ Do you want to get to know other students but don't know how?

I have the solution for you!

With my "Italiano Vero" course, you will challenge yourself and build a solid grammatical and vocabulary foundation naturally and in context to feel more confident when speaking Italian. Speaking will no longer be a problem!

What will you learn with Italiano Vero?

The course is divided into 12 units and 3 review units. Each unit has a fixed structure with 5 lessons:

  1. 🎧 Exposure: listen to a dialogue or read a paragraph to train your comprehension skills. Here you will be naturally exposed to the grammar and vocabulary goals of the unit!

  2. 📚 Grammar: in the grammar lesson, we will use the examples from the dialogue or paragraph to learn grammar naturally and in context.

  3. 🧑‍🏫 Vocabulary: here you will learn the meaning of sentences from the exposure lesson and memorize them easily through oral repetition with me.

  4. 🍕 Culture: now it's time for Italian culture pills with short videos to improve your listening skills and knowledge of Italian culture.

  5. 🔴 LIVE Lesson: join the LIVE lesson to delve deeper into a language topic and ask me all the questions you want live. If you can't attend, don't worry! The live lessons will be recorded!

Check out the course curriculum! ⤵️

Curriculum 1.png
Curriculum 2.png

Subtitles in 3 languages

And more languages are coming soon!

All videos in the course are 100% in Italian so you can fully immerse yourself in the language! You can turn on subtitles in Italian (recommended option) or in English and Spanish. We are working on adding more languages in the coming months!


Lots of exercises!

Schermata 2022-08-21 alle 19.39.01.png

To better understand a topic!

Learning a language takes a lot of practice so all videos in the course have exercises to practice what you have learned. Each week we will also give you additional exercises so you can practice your language skills!

Join the community

Share your language journey!

Lots of other students like you with the same goals are waiting for you in the community! You can ask questions in the community, help other people, share anything you want but most of all find new friends! So you will never feel alone when you study Italian!